Do you think that WeWork could “turn the dial” to become profitable? If so, what changes should the Company make? If not, Why not?

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WeWork can be profitable if it makes certain business changes. The company needs to reduce its real estate investment and focus on innovative services like co-working spaces, events venues, or flexible office space. The company could diversify their revenue streams, offering more products and services than just the rental of physical spaces. They could also look into diversifying their income streams to reduce dependence on one source, which is a good idea in times of economic downturns.

The second stage would be to restructure their corporate culture, in order for greater efficiency and cost-savings. It could involve streamlining their operations or implementing strategies that encourage growth and reduce unnecessary spending. They should also invest heavily in technology, as it has the potential to reduce costs and increase productivity. These steps will help WeWork become a more profitable company.

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