Do you agree with Friedman that popular culture, current events, and the like are good subjects to write about and discuss in a writing class? Why? Why not?

Sandie friedman’s “this way for vampires: teaching first-year

Sandie Friedman argues in “This Way for Vampires: Teaching First-Year Composition in ‘Challenging Times’” that popular culture and current events can be effective topics for writing and discussion in a first-year composition class. Her belief is that these topics will engage students, and help them to make connections between personal and larger issues. Friedman claims that students can use these topics as a starting point to share their interests and knowledge. Friedman also believes that current events and popular culture can help teach critical thinking, analysis and help students gain a better understanding of the world.

Friedman is correct in my view. I believe that current events and popular culture can make for interesting topics to discuss and write about. Friedman points out that these topics are relatable and can help students make connections with the material. Students will be more engaged in writing and motivated to create more insightful and thoughtful work. Students can develop critical thinking skills by analyzing current culture and events. They will be able to identify biases, evaluate sources, and analyze complex topics critically.

However, it’s important to note that using popular culture and current events as subjects for writing and discussion should not be the only focus of a composition class. The students should have an opportunity to study other topics of their interest, which can enrich their knowledge and understanding of the world and different disciplines. However, students can still be engaged and helped to improve their writing skills by incorporating current news and popular culture into their composition classes.

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