Discussion Question Visit South’s online library and review these two articles. Connelly, L. M. (2014). Use of theoretical frameworks in research. MEDSURG Nursing, 23(3), 187-188. Green, H. E. (2014). Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research. Nurse Researcher, 21(6), 34-38. Next, review the evidence you are collecting for your proposed study. Which theories have others cited? Are you seeing a common theme? Next construct a conceptual map p.  You can use Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint and include this as an attachment. Be sure you have defined the concepts and included relational statements.  I am really interested in you identifying theories used in work about your topic .

A list of theoretical frameworks for nursing homework assistance| Nursing homework help

A conceptual map is created by identifying the key concepts and their relations. It helps clarify the theoretical basis of the research, and guides the formulation of hypotheses and research questions.

It can help to review the literature and to analyze previous research to identify common theories. It can identify themes common to all studies and help you create a concept map.

The Health Belief Model and Social Cognitive Theory are some of the most common frameworks and theories used for healthcare research. The research question and research topic will determine the framework and theories used.

A conceptual map should clearly describe the concepts and contain relational statements to explain how they relate to one another. These can be accomplished using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint software or manually drawing a map.

It is possible to identify and use appropriate theoretical frameworks to aid in the development and clarification of research questions and lead to stronger and more meaningful results.

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