Discuss your thoughts and opinions about one or several of the specific topics covered in the textbook readings pertaining to health policy and politics. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your selected topic. 

Week 10 health care | Nursing homework help

The role of public opinion and healthcare policy is one of the subjects covered by the textbooks. My belief is that the public’s opinion has a significant influence on policymakers when they make decisions about healthcare. Many people will be affected by any changes in healthcare and might have strongly held opinions on how to provide or fund their care. In order to provide equitable access, it is important to address disparities between different groups.

Having said that, it can also be challenging for policymakers to effectively gauge public opinion due various factors such as socio-economic status or cultural/linguistic differences; thus making it important for representative surveys or other forms of outreach (e.g., focus groups) be conducted regularly so that communities’ needs can be better understood prior to enacting policies which could potentially have negative ramifications if not done properly.

The MSN Essential “Provide High Quality & Safe Patient Care” relates most directly with this topic since providing quality care involves more than just delivering medical services – it entails taking into account all aspects including finances, culture, and political climate in order ensure equitable access across all populations regardless of background or personal circumstances. Furthermore, understanding public opinion allows nurses  to better advocate on behalf of those they serve while also raising awareness around any potential issues which might arise from certain policies being implemented without proper consultation from stakeholders within the community.

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