Discuss your position on whether the lobbyists’ actions are positive or negative on healthcare legislation in the United States and support your points with details.

Module 2: Myths about lobbyists

I think lobbyists’ actions on American healthcare legislation can have both positive and negative consequences depending on what they intend. Lobbyists who have a financial interest in particular policies and regulations may help ensure decision-makers are fully aware of the potential drawbacks or benefits. This could help to influence the decisions of decision makers in favor of certain parties while possibly weakening others.

This kind of influence can also put the public’s health at risk, as it allows special interests to have an edge over access and safety for patients. Additionally, it creates an environment where individuals with enough financial resources to hire lobbyists have greater control over policy outcomes than those who don’t which can lead to increased inequality between different populations. In order to ensure ethical lobbying and to protect healthcare legislation, there must be more oversight.

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