Discuss with your colleague rationales behind these differences and how the difference affects healthcare access, quality and cost.

Week 6 discussion 1: prescriptive authority: state regulations

We can talk about the cost, access and quality of private and public healthcare. Public healthcare services typically are funded by government agencies or other state-run organizations, while private care is usually provided by for profit entities. This difference in funding has a major impact on how healthcare is accessed, delivered, and paid for – both in terms of overall costs and quality of care.

Publicly-funded health systems provide more accessibility to many services for a lower cost than those provided by private providers. Due to limited resources, many public programs have lengthy wait times and do not provide certain services that private providers offer. While private healthcare is cheaper, it offers better access but also comes at a higher cost. Private insurance also allows patients greater choice when it comes to selecting their provider which may lead to better outcomes depending on the individual’s needs.

These differences not only affect access to care, but they also impact the quality of care and overall cost effectiveness. Therefore it’s important to consider all factors before choosing between public or private coverage so that individuals can get the best possible outcome according to their particular situation.

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