Discuss what specifically caused the conflict of interest?  List one way the conflict might have been prevented. 

National American University| HA4521D-Healthcare Management Capstone | National American University

The conflict of interest in this scenario was caused by the doctor’s personal relationship with a pharmaceutical company that manufactures medication for treating depression. As such, the doctor’s decision to prescribe drugs from this particular company could be seen as a biased judgement due to their vested interests. This raises an ethical issue that should be considered seriously to prevent any harm or exploitation for patients who seek medical care.

Communication between the parties can help to prevent conflicts. It is important that all healthcare professionals disclose any business relationships with other companies in order to provide transparent treatment recommendations. Doctors should consider other treatments and medication when making treatment recommendations to avoid limiting their choices based on biases or personal affiliations. These steps can be taken to prevent conflicts of interests and ensure that patients’ safety is maintained at all costs.

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