Discuss three contemporary innovations in the rooms division of 5 star resorts.

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In order to stay current with industry trends as well as customer demand, the rooms section of 5-star resorts has undergone constant change. Technology is one example of this innovation. It can be automated check in systems, digital keycards or voice assistants which enable guests to access and make inquiries quickly. Many hotels now use artificial intelligence (AI), which allows them to offer more customized services, such as recommending local attractions and customizing the room’s temperature.

Another innovation is in hotel design. Many have started to incorporate features such as open-plan lobbies and minimalist interiors that promote comfort and relaxation. Some resorts have begun to adopt eco-friendly strategies such as energy saving appliances, organic food sourcing and recycling materials to help appeal to a more environmentally aware clientele. Each of these innovative innovations shows how 5 Star Resorts strive to be the best in providing a fun and memorable experience for guests.

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