Discuss  the next stage in policy development to overcome these barriers and increase patients’ access to APRNs.

Discuss board on Mn605: Access barriers to care

To overcome barriers that prevent patients from accessing APRNs, the next step in policy development is to develop a regulatory structure that conforms to current trends and healthcare models. The framework must include ways to make these professionals more visible, including mentorship programs and additional education for aspiring APRNs. APRNs should also be granted autonomy and prescribed authority by legislation so that they are able to assess and treat patients without the need for a doctor’s approval.

Also, it is important to review and update reimbursement policies so that insurance companies are more inclined to pay for care delivered by an APRN than a physician referral. This would allow patients to get quality care at lower prices. Incentives for doctors who work with APRNs can encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between these types of professionals, which may lead to better patient care.  All of these issues can be addressed by policymakers to increase access and ultimately improve the health outcomes through better integration between primary care practitioners into healthcare systems.

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