Discuss the method of study including discussion of conceptual/theoretical framework is included but lacks relevant details and explanation.

Method of study refers to a systematic way of investigating a problem or question. The conceptual/theoretical framework is the foundation of a research study and provides a theoretical basis for the research design, data analysis, and interpretation of the findings.

When discussing the method of study, it is important to provide a clear and concise explanation of the conceptual/theoretical framework. This provides the basis for the study.

The conceptual/theoretical framework should be based on existing research, theories, and concepts that are relevant to the research question. The research plan should be clear and explain how it will benefit the field or fill in gaps.

A discussion of the conceptual/theoretical framework should include a clear description of the concepts and theories that are relevant to the research question. These concepts and theories should be discussed in relation to the research question and the ways they will guide the study design.

It is important to explain how the framework will guide data analysis and interpret the results. It should contain a description and discussion about the methods used to analyze the data, as well as how they will be interpreted within the framework.

Overall, a discussion of the method of study should provide a clear and detailed explanation of the conceptual/theoretical framework. The foundation of the study is this framework. It is vital for validating the field’s research and ensuring its relevance.

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