Discuss the link between the PICOT statement, the research articles, and the nursing practice problem you identified.

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In order to improve patient care, it is important that the research articles, PICOT statements, and nursing problem all be considered. PICOT statements provide a guideline for researchers by defining the P, Intervention (I), Comparisons (C), Outcomes (O), Timeframe (T) and outcomes. These statements help to determine the most important questions to answer in order for evidence-based solutions.

These articles will help you to find relevant research that can assist in your search for possible interventions and treatments. Nurses can compare different studies to gain more insight into the reasons for certain actions. This can help them make informed decisions.

Once enough information has been gathered, this information can be combined with other knowledge about best practices and such. In doing so it allows nurses to develop comprehensive plans that take into account both past experiences as well as current research findings thereby enabling them deliver better quality care tailored specifically for their patients’ needs.

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