Discuss the link between the PICOT question, the research articles, and the nursing practice problem you identified. Include relevant details and supporting explanation and use that information to propose evidence-based practice changes.

Final draft and research critiques

My PICOT question and research articles as well as the nursing practice issue that I found are all connected to improving patient outcomes in oncology. My PICOT question is ‘In adults with cancer, what is the effect of implementing a nurse-led patient education program compared to usual care on quality of life?’ This question can be further informed by researching two articles; one which investigates the impact of a nurse-led interventions on patients undergoing chemotherapy and another which evaluates the effectiveness of an educational program for people living with cancer. Analyzing these studies gives us insight into how nurses can employ evidence-based methods such as providing personalized educational resources to patients and following-up visits in order to increase quality of life.

This demonstrates that changes can be made to the current system of healthcare to help people with cancer. Particularly, hospitals need to prioritize investment in staff and resources for nurses who can provide personalized care. This could involve creating specialized programs dedicated towards educating patients about their diagnosis & treatment options ,as well as facilitating early identification & management of potential side effects . Additionally ,hospitals should consider establishing interdisciplinary teams which integrate other healthcare professionals such as pharmacists or dietitians  in order to provide comprehensive care . These changes will help ensure patients receive timely access to information & treatments necessary for managing their condition while also reducing burden on hospital systems due to improved adherence ,fewer readmissions, and lower overall costs associated with treating chronic illnesses.

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