Discuss the human dynamics and communications aspects of the  blame game and the resolution stages you plan to implement in your  crisis communication plan. 

MSL 5200 – Crisis Communication Management | MSL 5200 – Crisis Communication Management | Columbia Southern University

The human dynamics & communication aspects of the blame game can be very damaging to an organization as it leads to finger pointing, defensiveness and a negative overall atmosphere. It can make it difficult for all parties involved (e.g., employees and customers) to work together in a constructive manner. Customers, employees) can’t work in harmony with one another. This makes it more difficult for all parties (e.g. customers and employees).

In order to avoid the blame game when developing crisis communication plans it is important that all parties involved are working towards common goals and have trust in each other’s abilities & intentions. Additionally, clear lines of communication need to be established between all relevant departments so that information sharing is quick & efficient while also enabling everyone involved to provide their input when needed.

Techniques such as role playing or brainstorming are great ways to find solutions. They don’t involve any hostile behaviour or finger-pointing, which allows for better conversations that can lead to more effective resolution strategies. Additionally having internal policies/procedures put into place prior to crises occurring can help minimize how much time is spent on assigning blame & instead focus on finding ways out of the situation at hand quickly.

Understanding the human dynamics of blame-games is crucial for creating crisis communication plans that work. It ensures everyone stays focused on the resolution of issues and doesn’t waste time searching for another person to blame. By utilizing appropriate tools & methods (brainstorming etc.) Organizations can quickly respond to crises by having clear processes in place.

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