Discuss the decision model with assumptions and variables informed by systematic review and tailored to fit the decision making context.

Part b2 Health Promotion Program

This decision model was based on a thorough review of relevant literature. The context in which it is being used to make decisions has been taken into consideration. The following assumptions are key to the model: 1) all decisions must be based on imperfect information and some uncertainty; 2) there can be more than one solution for any problem; 3) decisions should consider ethical considerations, legal restrictions and social considerations; 4) individuals might weigh these factors differently depending upon their beliefs and values.

The model considers many factors such as stakeholder involvement and political implications, cost-benefit analysis, risk assessments, stakeholder engagement, etc. This information is essential to make informed decisions about possible actions that can help companies better plan for the future and optimize their resources.

This type of framework gives structure to complex problems that can arise in healthcare. This framework allows healthcare teams to examine both the internal and external factors. It helps them identify possible strategies and approaches that can increase efficiency while keeping patient safety high and satisfaction at the top of their minds.

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