Discuss the contraceptive methods using the latest evidence-based guidelines that Karen would be medically eligible for.

Week 3 Discussion | Nursing homework help

Karen, based upon the evidence-based guidelines on contraceptive use would be medically admissible for several contraceptive options. One example is the hormonal method of using an oral contraceptive pill, or the vaginal band which contains synthetic estrogen and progestin. These methods work to block ovulation and prevent fertilization. An intrauterine device, (IUD), and an implantable rod could be options for her long-acting reversible counter (LARC).

In addition, you can use barrier methods like condoms and diaphragms in combination with these contraceptives. This will reduce your chances of getting pregnant as well as protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Karen may consider fertility awareness-based methods that track the menstrual cycle and other signs in order to identify when ovulation takes place. Overall there are many different contraceptive methods available depending on one’s medical eligibility and personal preference making it easy for individuals to find the right solution that fits their lifestyle best

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