Discuss the benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being registered for the various programs within the CTG on their access to healthcare and their short- and long-term health outcomes.

Transgenerational trauma | Bachleor of Nursing

Closing the Gap program (CTG), a government initiative, aims to lower disparities between Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander Australians in terms of health and life expectancy. CTG registration offers many benefits to Indigenous communities. This includes accessing healthcare. You can improve your mental and physical health by having access to high-quality healthcare services. These include early detection of and management of chronic disease; better nutrition; better mental support; decreased infant mortality; enhanced maternal care; social contact with Indigenous peoples; and greater education and job opportunities.

Research has also shown that registration for these programs can lead to better short-term outcomes, such as lower hospitalizations or mortality rates in registered people compared with non-registered. Furthermore, it contributes towards long-term health outcomes like decreased risk factors associated with lifestyle diseases—such as diabetes, heart disease or obesity—and improved overall quality of life. The program offers rental assistance and home ownership plans that can improve housing conditions.

CTG helps close gaps in the health outcomes of Indigenous Australians by increasing access to medical services, as well as other tangible benefits like housing assistance.

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