Discuss one strength and one weakness for each of these six articles on why the article may or may not provide sufficient evidence for your practice change.

I. Development of an evidence-based proposal for change in practice

The first article is entitled “Nursing Care of the Family in a Home Setting” and focuses on how nurses can provide care to families within their homes. This article’s strength is its comprehensive coverage of the best ways nurses can serve patients in such an environment. Topics such as the roles of patient and practitioner are discussed. Additionally, it also references research which supports its claims – highlighting the importance of evidence-based practice when it comes to providing effective support services at home.

The weakness of the article is its inability to address specific strategies for overcoming these challenges. Additionally, the article does not offer any recommendations regarding possible interventions that could be used to improve quality of care.

The second article is titled “Improving Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Quality Outcomes” and looks at various ways healthcare professionals can work together more effectively to improve patient outcomes. A strength of this piece is that it outlines numerous strategies which have been proven to be successful from other organizations – detailing benefits such as increased efficiency or better decision making processes due to collective knowledge sharing amongst providers alike.

A weakness however, lies in its lack of detail when explaining certain concepts – leaving out details about implementation plans or specific practices which could lead to improved collaboration between team members accordingly. There are no statistics or studies that show interprofessional collaboration can lead to positive outcomes for patients over the long-term.

Overall, while both articles offer valuable insight into different areas related to nursing practice – they do not provide sufficient evidence on their own for enacting large scale changes without additional information being sought out first before taking any further action accordingly.

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