Discuss one effect that the two-party system of the U.S. has on the political interests of American citizens.

Pol 110 week 5 discussion

Due to the limited options they have when choosing who or which issue to support, the two-party system has significant effects on American citizens’ political rights. The Republican and Democratic Parties have the largest number of candidates for office, with little to no room for independent voters or candidates from third parties. Feelings of alienation or frustration can result from this.

This two-party system can also lead to party loyalty. Members feel obliged to support their parties’ policies and positions, even when they don’t agree with them. This can mean that citizens’ needs and concerns become secondary to partisan politics, making it more difficult for meaningful change to occur at a national level . Furthermore , it reinforces an “us vs them” mentality between opposing parties which further divides us instead uniting us .

Americans must be exposed to different viewpoints in order to understand the context of decisions by each side. Additionally , increasing opportunities alternative representation (e.g., nonpartisan elections ranked choice voting) would provide more choices break cycle traditional partisan politics and help ensure everyone’s voice is heard equally.

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