Discuss in view of historical perspective and current laws. What does it mean to be “disabled”? What are employers’ obligations towards new hires?

Examine the historical context as well as current laws. What does it mean to be “disabled”? What are employers’ obligations towards new hires?

Over time the definition of disability has changed and has been adapted to suit different cultural and socio-economic contexts. People with disabilities were historically regarded as victims of tragedy or objects of charity. In recent years, disability was viewed from a wider perspective. People with disabilities are now considered individuals capable of participating in every aspect of society. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, disability is defined as a condition that severely limits one or several major life activities.

New hires with disabilities have to be accommodated by employers. To ensure equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities, employers must make reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodations include modifications or adjustments made to work environments or job requirements to allow disabled individuals to do the essential job functions. To determine the most effective accommodations, employers must have an open dialogue with employees.

In “normal times”, what is the process for a nurse (RN/LPN/LVN) to leave Texas and be obtain permanent work in Florida?

Florida nurses must have a Florida license if they want to move from Texas to Florida. Florida Board of Nursing oversees the regulation of nursing practice in Florida. It also issues licenses. Florida nurses who have a Texas license may apply to be endorsed for their Florida license. To be eligible for endorsement, the nurse must submit an application and pay a fee.

After the Florida Board of Nursing reviews the application and verifies the nurse’s credentials, they will issue a Florida nursing license. After obtaining a Florida nursing licence, the nurse can apply for permanent employment in Florida.

Wise-Town’s nursing home houses many people and nurses infected in Covid-19. The company hired “outside nurses” to provide adequate staffing for the unit. Analyze the situation where the managing team of Wise-Town may be held liable for mistakes made by those “agency” nurses.

If agency nurses make mistakes, Wise-Town’s managing team may face liability. It is the responsibility of all nurses in Wise-Town, agency or employee, to provide safe and competent nursing care.

The managing team could be held responsible for negligent supervision and training of agency nurses. If agency nurses commit mistakes that cause harm to patients, they may also be subject to negligence. Negligence can be defined as a lack of reasonable care that causes injury to another person. The managing team is responsible for ensuring that the agency nurses are capable and competent in providing safe nursing care. If they don’t, then they could be found negligent.

In order to compensate for staff lost due to Covid-19 infections, the nurse must float to a different unit. Both patients and staff have become infected with the latest infection. What are the nurse’s options, how about the law, how about the ethics?

There are several choices for nurses when they’re asked to flotilla to new units to compensate for the loss of staff from recent Covid-19 infections. If the nurse is concerned that they could contract Covid-19 by floating to another unit, or lacks the skills and training necessary to care for the unit safely, they can decline to float.

The law gives nurses the right to refuse to accept assignments that might require them engage in behavior that isn’t acceptable.

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