Discuss how the policy can be used by an inter-professional team to improve the problem.

Presentation of power point by 6pm on 12/27/2021

This policy can be used by inter-professional groups to address the issue of migraine headache disorder. It provides a plan for treatment, diagnosis and follow up. By setting out guidelines developed in collaboration with members from all disciplines involved – such as neurologists, primary care providers and pharmacists – team members can coordinate their efforts to identify triggers or risk factors that lead to migraines, provide evidence-based treatment options based on individual patient needs, monitor response to therapies and assess any potential side effects or interactions. Inter-professional teams can use the policy to educate patients and healthcare professionals about what they should do when dealing with migraine headache disorders. This could include developing protocols around how best to support patients in navigating their symptoms; providing psychological/behavioral interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy; offering nutritional guidance; ensuring proper medication management; etc. These measures can help to improve the health of those suffering from migraines and reduce stigma.

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