Discuss how lower-level workers perhaps could help in this process in their organization.

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The role of lower-level employees can be crucial in organizational changes. These workers are usually the ones most affected by organizational changes and can offer valuable feedback about how it is going. Additionally, lower-level employees may have more direct contact with customers or clients, giving them insight into how external stakeholders perceive the organization’s changes.

Because they are not directly involved in operations, lower-level employees can see potential improvement opportunities that management may miss. These employees can be engaged in constructive conversations on change initiatives to help organisations gain an understanding of the areas where improvement could be made, and then implement those suggestions into their plans.

Low-ranking workers must be informed about organizational change efforts. It ensures everyone knows about upcoming changes, and that they have access to important information on how these will impact them as well as the other departments. Organizations can ensure that everyone is included during periods of change by providing communication channels for all levels of staff. This will eliminate any confusion and uncertainty.

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