Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological place influence the context of a population or community assessment and intervention. 

The context for any assessment or intervention of a community, population, or group can be affected by geopolitical and/or phenomenological factors. Geopolitical factors such as the socio-economic status, political climate, and cultural/religious composition of an area will all affect how people interact with one another as well as their access to resources – thus impacting any proposed interventions in terms of feasibility or effectiveness.

A phenomenological view of the world requires that we take into consideration individual experiences and how they influence our perceptions. For example, if a particular area has been historically underserved then this could lead to feelings of distrust or resentment towards those who are attempting to engage with this population – making it essential for intervention efforts to incorporate culturally relevant approaches in order for them to be successful. When conducting assessments of population and community, it is important to take into account both geopolitical variables and phenomenological variables in order for interventions to be well-crafted from the beginning.

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