Discuss how different professionals in the healthcare system (Nurses, Pharmacists, Technicians, Nurse Educators, CFO, etc.) are held to this guideline.

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All healthcare professionals, including nurses, pharmacists and technicians, as well as CFOs and nurse educators, are held to the same standards of care. This means that they all have to provide ethical and safe care for their patients. This includes following doctor orders precisely and caring compassionately for every patient. The pharmacist must double-check medication interactions before dispensing any drugs. To ensure high quality results, technicians must follow procedures and take precise measurements. Nurse educators should also be up-to-date on the latest practices to help students learn about patient safety.

Patients safety is also a key role for CFOs. Their responsibilities include setting budgets and managing resources, as well as ensuring compliance to regulations regarding data security and patient privacy. All of these professionals must abide by federal laws such as HIPAA which outlines measures that must be taken to protect a patient’s health information from being disclosed without their consent. In order to improve quality and efficiency of healthcare, providers must adhere to standards such as those set by American Nurses Association (The Joint Commission) or American Nurses Association.

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