Discuss at least two (2) strategies that multinational corporations (MNCs) can undertake in order to make profit by leveraging the growing consumer demand.

News can lift or lower world stock

1. Increase production capacity: Multinational corporations have the ability to increase their production capacities in order to keep up with consumer demand. This will allow them more profit and help make more. In order to increase production efficiency, businesses should invest more in machinery and other technology. It will allow them to make more products for a cheaper price, while also providing better customer service, faster delivery times, and better quality products. MNCs can also outsource production to lower labor cost countries or set up operations there.

2. Expansion into New Markets: Multinational corporations already take advantage of the globalized economic system by creating new subsidiaries or expanding to markets in other countries. It allows companies to expand their reach and sell products or services to untapped markets, increasing profits for them. Companies should also consider specializing their products in different markets based on local preferences to capitalize on potential market gaps not yet filled by other competitors.

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