Discuss  and provide 2 specific ways Early Conceptualization About Nursing Theory can be applied to advanced practice nursing. Identify one MSN Essential that most relates to this particular topic.

Discussion #2 theory | Nursing homework help

The two main ways Early Conceptualization About Nursing Theory may be used to advance practice nursing include developing a framework of patient care and better evaluation methods. Both of these approaches create an environment where nurses are able to make informed decisions, based on what they know about the patient and their condition, as well as evidence-based practice. When developing a patient care framework, it is important to consider the whole picture. This includes how to best care for certain patients or those with specific conditions. To create comprehensive care plans, one must look at the whole case.

Advanced practice nurses must evaluate not just the effectiveness of their interventions, but also potential limitations and challenges. To monitor the effects of interventions over time and make adjustments or improvements if necessary, it is essential to include feedback from patients. Nurses can also develop new ideas about how to better serve the population.

The MSN Essential “Provide High Quality & Safe Patient Care” relates most directly to this topic since part of providing high quality care involves accurately assessing each individual case while also taking into account potential barriers encountered during treatment such as language/cultural differences or financial issues – all things which Advanced Practice Nurses must consider when conceptualizing theoretical frameworks around individualized patient care plans.

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