Discuss all of this information with the physician using correct medical terminology.

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A client with shortness-of-breath presented to me. It was discovered that there had been a history of fluid accumulation in his lungs. The diuretic medications he takes regularly to reduce fluid and a bronchodilator for better airflow. As needed, the client uses a cortisone nasal spray to help with breathing problems. After the client was presented with swelling of his legs and a second heart sound, as well as abnormal breathing sounds, further diagnostic tests were performed. Additional diagnostic tests, including radiological examination and complete blood work revealed the following: congestive heart disease (CHF), chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), and a third heart sound. Notable is the fact that the client had a fast pulse and blood pressure of 168/98 mmHg. Appropriate treatment measures should be taken to manage the client’s conditions and prevent further complications.


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