Did you question the usefulness of spending a term learning about theory? Consider your current practice environment now that you know more about theory. Is theory used in practice, or is there a theory practice gap that needs to be addressed?

Theory – practice gap | Nursing homework help

Yes, there was some questioning about how useful it would be to spend a semester learning theory before I could actually enter my clinical specialty and start practicing. After completing the course, and being able to understand various theories in nursing, such as Six Sigma, total quality management and lean, and other aspects of the practice of nursing, I realized the value of these concepts for high-quality patient care.

Theory does appear to be used in practice but there appears to be a gap between theory and actual implementation due lack awareness amongst healthcare professionals regarding available frameworks & tools which could help bridge this disconnect if utilized properly within particular environment . For example, although LEAN methodology has been widely accepted within industry due its ability help streamline processes & improve overall efficiency achieved by organization many healthcare providers still not utilizing it their fullest potential due unawareness present among members staff/administrators are part organization leading towards missed opportunities when comes taking advantage different aspects inherent within framework itself hence need kind education/training programs designed keeping mind current situation faced by particular hospital/clinic/facility in order narrow down existing gaps between theory & practical application thereof which will ultimately lead towards improved patient satisfaction levels achieved time after time regardless if treatment process runs smoothly from start till finish or not.

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