Developing a formal, evidence-based practice proposal.

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The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), project proposal, is designed to solve professional problems. This proposal is composed of seven sections. Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment. Problem Description, 3. Literature Support. Problem Description, 5. Modular Change, 6. The Implementation Plan, 7 Evaluation Process. Each section should be supported by solid evidence from relevant research studies. The length of proposals is between 3500 and 5,000 words, not including the cover sheet abstract references pages appendices that include handouts, data evaluation collection tools budget timeline resources lists approval forms concept model for project to be implemented etc.(NUR699R Evidence Based Practice Project proposal Format_student.docx 2021).

Section A – Organizational Culture and Readiness Assessment assesses current organizational culture climate relevant factors impacting potential EBP implementation processes like resistance acceptability attitude willingness collective intelligence positively influence adjusting existing traditions policies culture creating patient centered care dimension performance relationships healthcare providers clients their families etc.(NUR699R EBPProposalFormatStudentdocx 2021).

Section B – Problem Description defines goals objectives organization wishes replace lack policy tradition present issue urgent demand necessary modification structure process population served healthcare provider overall system solutions proposed Documented establish foundation total body problem based information questions needs most bang buck best methods approaches desired outcome create sustainable positive change within facility its stakeholders insure successful long result assist outcomes .(NUR699R EBPProposalFormatStudentdocx 2021).

Section C-Literature Support provides further explorations of specialist practitioner expertise. It also sources materials and resources for managers. Clinical trials Studies reviews surveys reports. analyzed literature review. Complete critical analysis. Select reputable credible publications. Benchmark improvement is required to meet various challenges. Ensure that institution meets Joint Commission standards.(NUR699R EBPProposalFormatStudentdocx 2021).

Section D-Solution Description outlines Prepared Action Strategies Employ Plan Realistic Affordable Time Measures Provide Continuous Development Initiate Integration Orderly Flow Transactions Set Milestones Gauge Progress Define responsibilities Technology Use ensure that the end result is smaller projects available shorttermbased components Contribute to a larger goal. These ties are strong because they include detailed, complex elements like improved communication and staff training updated protocols equipment supply chain traceability. This ties strongly.(NUR699REBPProposal Format Student docx2021 ).

Section E -Change Model explains alternative strategies used designed facilitate understand comprehend applied Nola Pender’s Theory Health Promotion Transformational Leadership change theory Lewin’s methodology analyze evaluate modify ones affects entire health care system Provide clear concise explanations detailing variances two discuss similarities how integrate together structured leadership system achieve maximum performance potential exist environment uses logically organized items apply clinical resource utilization safety satisfaction cost effectiveness instrumentation practices increase overall level satisfaction among groups organisations deliver health services related treatments satisfy all parties involved implementation new model promises compatibility envisioned includes accepted protocol effective communication outreach teams comprised experts often invited consult representative opinions enhance provided operational structures promote adoption modifications simplify developments encourage cooperation team unit members respect everyone concerned acuity financial capabilities key resolvers moving forward compliant regulatory guideline suggestions solutions discussed debated amongst colleagues superiors prior finalizing finalized reviewed selected hierarchy approval last reason decisions made when modification successfully executed expected benefit align frequent feedback stress recognize benefits accurately measured aligned measurable criteria give feedback successes failures regular intervals expect positive experience durable modified Set expectations according implementation timeline established deadlines chart progress met benchmarks expectations Adjust document protocol revisions anticipated finalized completed documentation client contact gained approvals original form planned execution maintenance surestoppt remain efficient consistent throughout duration period operations future depending ability reach keep going current high solutions ultimate success ensures reliable predictable decision making steady work flow management policy manual comprehensive making mandatory knowledgeable staff familiar terms conditions faculty participates mutual sets provide patients clients trust knowing receiving latest highest innovations methodologies follow suite combination employed yield lasting favorable fruitful results capable enduring beyond immediate scope purpose PPNursing (COCW 2022)(((Kubsch etal 2020)))(Duffy 2016)(Levitt 2019)).

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