Develop your genogram and learning plan you were required to collect significant personal data that has influenced your lifestyle and consequently your personal health and wellness.

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Based on my significant personal data, my genogram is my learning plan. To create this plan, I first had to make a genogram. This included information about my family relations such as how they are related and what kind of relationships between them. This gave me a great starting point to understand how my connections may have affected my health.

Next I collected important pieces such as my medical history, socioeconomic status and cultural background. This helped me to gain insight into the interconnectedness of different aspects in my life. The final step was to create a detailed learning plan. This outline outlines actions and steps that can be taken in order for me to overcome any problems. They could cover things such as healthy eating habits and stress management, or even routines that encourage physical activity. This process helped me gain a better understanding of myself and gave me the direction I needed to improve my overall health.

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