Develop the case report across the entire scenario from the identification of the clinical or health care problem through the proposal for an intervention, implementation, and evaluation using an appropriate research instrument.

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In this case report, the nurse will discuss how a 65-year-old female has difficulty managing her diabetes, hypertension, arthritis after being discharged from a hospital for having suffered a stroke. Assess any cognitive and physical impairments that might hinder self-care, such as diet and exercise habits, medication management, or basic hygiene.

A program is suggested to enhance her quality life and lower the chance of her being afflicted by further complications. It includes educating her on the lifestyle changes she can make to better manage diabetes and hypertension, and helping identify community resources that could help with home management (e.g. meal delivery). A nurse needs to work closely with the other health care providers in order to develop a holistic plan.

To evaluate whether this intervention has been successful in improving outcomes for this patient, an appropriate research instrument could include administering pre-and post-intervention surveys assessing changes in functional ability/quality of life measures as well as analyzing data related to adherence rates with recommended medications/treatments and any changes in laboratory values.

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