Develop and conduct a needs assessment of 3-5 persons meeting the criteria of the target audience to submit your results.

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To complete the needs assessment, I spoke with 3-5 people who fit my criteria. People living with chronic pain was my target audience. This assessment helped me to better understand my target audience and to help them manage their chronic pain. The results are here:

Person 1. This person has suffered from lower back pain for eight years. The pain can be intense and last for several hours to days. Due to their pain, they reported difficulty sleeping and difficulty participating in activities. Due to the lack of mobility, isolation and social interaction outside their homes, they felt isolated and lonely.

Person 2. This is a person who has suffered from chronic shoulder pain since 2004 after sustaining an injury at work. They have tried many treatments, but they still struggle to manage the pain. It was also reported that they felt overwhelmed trying to take care of their condition while continuing to work and worried about the financial consequences.

Person 3: The individual has persistent neck tension from sitting all day in front of the computer while working remotely during this pandemic. She described her experience as one where she’s constantly battling against tightness which makes it difficult for her focus on tasks or even carry out basic activities such as cooking meals or cleaning around the house without taking frequent breaks in between each task.

All of these people had similar experiences in managing chronic pain. It is clear that this highlights the need to put effort into maintaining quality life, despite symptoms that can prove physically and emotionally draining.

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