Develop an evidence-based nursing response for providing health care services related to community crises.

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It is crucial to evaluate the severity and impact of community crisis on the health services provided. It is important to assess the potential dangers that may be posed by the crisis, including property damage or bodily harm. The evidence-based nursing approach can be established once this information is established. It involves identifying the resources required to care for patients and applying available research to determine how best to serve their needs.

This could include conducting assessments for determining what type of medical/psychological support may be needed, developing treatment plans tailored to individual requirements (e.g., medications, therapies), referring patients when necessary to appropriate specialists/providers, offering education on self-care practices and other preventative measures, coordinating with other healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care etc. In these situations, nurses must also take care of their health so that they can provide effective and efficient care.

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