Develop an analysis report, in five main sections, including; introduction, research method,  research results, conclusions, and health policy recommendations.

The Method

Next, tell us about your research methods. Include the following information:

  • Questions or goals for research
  • Your data set description (i.e. The sources and types of data used
  • Analytical method (i.e. Method of analysis (i.e., the analytic software program you used as well as the statistical tests and techniques that you used)

Some results

This section will present your results, along with relevant figures and tables. You should also explain your results using plain language. Highlight any important patterns and findings.


This section will summarize your main findings and the implications they have for your research question. Discuss any weaknesses or limitations of the study, and offer suggestions for further research.

Recommendations on Health Policy

The section must contain specific recommendations on how to deal with the identified problem. They should be realistic, actionable and take into consideration the limitations of this study.


Following APA style guidelines, include a bibliography at the end. It should contain any references or sources that you used during your research.

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