Develop a newspaper script, poster, billboard appropriate, or social media for adults and teens and one specifically for elementary school-age children. How would you communicate the same information informally?

Nur 4636l: communication worksheet | Nursing homework help

Newspaper Script:
Is tuberculosis a problem? You have a new, more effective treatment option. The combination drug therapy, which consists of multiple drugs taken over 6-9 month periods, has the ability to lower resistance while increasing effectiveness. This method is safer and can be tailored to individual needs based on culture tests – contact your doctor today to find out more!

Are you tired of feeling miserable? Don’t worry, there may be hope yet! The combination drug therapy option is a very effective way to treat TB. This involves taking multiple medications daily over a 6–9 month period. Safer than other options and specific for each patient’s needs – find out more today!

Billboard Appropriate:
Beating TB with combination drug therapy – get better quicker with this new treatment plan tailored specifically for you by your doctor! This is safer and more efficient than ever. Call us to discuss how you can get better faster.

Social Media: Have TB but don’t know what to do? Don’t worry about it! Our new revolutionary combination drug therapy might just be what you’re looking for. Get back on your feet in no time with this safe & accurate approach customised according to your individual needs – perfect for those who want results fast without having any dangerous side effects. Get in touch with us to learn how we can make your life more simple! #combinationdrugtherapy #TBtreatment #tacklingdisease

For Elementary School Age Children: Do you feel like something isn’t right but don’t know what it is? The combination drug treatment program can safely treat tuberculosis. We use special medicines designed just for you based on culture tests so that the bad germs go away quickly and easily – no need to feel sick anymore when we can make sure that everything goes back to normal as soon as possible!. Call us today if you or someone else in your family shows signs of TB – we are here ready and willing help get everyone healthy again in no time at all 😊

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