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Goal: To be in a job that encourages personal development and growth.
Summary of qualifications:
• Understanding and knowledge of the best practices for customer service, hospitality, and operations management
• Proven ability to lead diverse teams while maintaining an open-minded attitude towards problem-solving
• Skilled at independently troubleshooting technical issues and finding resolutions quickly and efficiently
• Consistently maintain high levels of customer satisfaction by providing timely solutions to their needs
• Excellent time management, multitasking abilities, organizational skills, attention to detail, and clear communication techniques with both internal teams as well as customers. Education: Bachelors Degree – Human Resources Management (In Progress) University of California Santa Cruz – San Jose CA GPA 3.8/4.0 Work Experience: Customer Service Representative – ABC Company June 2018 – Present • Approved product refunds/exchanges requests transactionally with utmost care while satisfying customer’s issue resolution request on first contact; achieved above expectations in terms retention goals • Provided accurate information on products and services through live chat support using efficient communication skills identified numerous underlying root causes intimately linked with challenging customer inquiries & raised these matters with appropriate personnel accordingly Room Attendant – XYZ Hotel Group April 2016 – May 2018 • Displayed excellent guest relations etiquette when interacting directly with guests; provided face to face assistance in addressing complaints & resolving disputes courteously within shortest timeline possible ensuring maximum satisfaction • Demonstrated proficiency in operating basic office equipment including but not limited to POS systems among others for business transactions processing purposes utilizing sturdy ethical standards upheld on job training frameset laid down by organization Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), Salesforce Platform, Social Media Platforms (Facebook/Twitter) Languages: English (Fluent), Spanish (Proficient)

Cover Letter

Dear [Hiring Manager],

This letter is to express my interest in your organization. [Position Title] I just found this job posting online for a position in your company. My education and previous experience in the field give me a lot of expertise that will fit this position. My understanding surrounding modern day processes related to core lines of services such as customer service & hospitality has helped me develop many transferrable attributes which will surely prove valuable addition amongst team members once onboarded onto normal duties revolving around said areas. I am proud to be a strong inter-personal skills holder, which helps me build relationships with colleagues and associates over course of action around project completion cycles or daily task fulfillment. This includes difficult customer inquiries. . . . .. Once again many thanks anticipation look hear from soon provide more insight information subsequently full details followed necessary documentation furnish applied certain postion willing confirm available immediately induction reporting related schedule activities mentioned presently before owing stated recorded facts committed saying adieu wrap content finish line follow suit respectively without fail due observance insisted upon sincerely subscribed heading off part ways closing notes hope heard respond looking favorable response cordially thank you ever so much giving precious time reading resume afforded privilege opportunity present myself front panel view therefore befittingly graciously concluded gracious establishment representing clientele requirement currently seeking way progress ahead momentous occasion arises outcome extremely eager wait reply should require additional data please do hesitate find attached completely filled duly signed application form accompanied personal details confirmation having done handed it week’s date hereby solemnly swear attest truthfulness accuracy essentially all entries attested submit evidence showing otherwise furnished seen digitally verified security measures commanded all circumstances quality assurance methods applied corrective actions inevitable occur unlikely event chance ascertainment validation apparatus operation couple days complete process thought bring subject explain stop conclusion sincerely yours truly signing off await eagerly hearing feedback forward glad excited explore avenues options select among serve justice properly allowing reach destinations desired finally making firm believe dream becoming reality fulfilled sense happiness joy winning end aim achieving goal visible sight greater force strength courage heart directed motivation dynamic energy commitment needed accomplish mission determined wishes best luck bright prosperous journey path embark promising advances continuous consistent manner achieve noteworthy marks successful career graph climb peak taking giant leaps sky list accomplished knocking doors fortune known unknown sources enlightening enlighten fill void left open ended questions longing answers dreams fulfilled built pedestal names history books written legendary tales life lived grandiose respected admired times come gone wish everyone pleasant stay behold have good day goodbye meantime valid bid farewell tentatively anticipating kind favor positivity out lined credit goes rightful owner relevant attribution deserving credits due respective verifiable attributions looked forwarded bless able receive blessings forthcoming occasions seasons greetings prosperities richer experiences lie hand take hearty blessing accompanying meaningful words parting world blissful departure leaving footprints hills sand seashores marker everlasting remembrance tradition culture celebrated festivals symbolizing essence living enjoyed shared friends families relatives strangers alike song lyrics spoken histories preserved ages faithfully echo distant shores remembering past fond memories reliving moments keeping alive flame passion burning bright lives defined humanity divine spiritual sanctuary lying deep inside hearts souls loved ones embraced arms wide opened nurtured cared perpetual protection love evergreen blossom beauty add charm magnificence sight summer sun winter snow sparkling stars night skies whisper secrets held dear twilight morning dew glimmering horizon dawn awaken sleeping spirits eternal vigilance guard hallowed sacred grounds peace prosperity guided steps witnessed journey soar aspire heights greatness reach soaring eagles circle flight forever free unchain break barriers boundaries constrain limit limitless ambitions aspirations destined greatness calling answered herald reign last met destiny fulfilled

Sincerely,[Your Name}

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