develop a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation that expands in greater detail on how and why your organization should implement your proposed risk management strategy.

Educational program on risk management part two – slide presentation

  1. It should be concise. Use bullet points to keep it short and simple. Each slide should be focused on a single idea.
  2. Make use of images. Use charts, graphs and relevant images as illustrations to support your point.
  3. You should use the same design for all presentations. This will ensure that your presentation is professional and helps your audience to focus on what’s important.
  4. Make sure to use speaker notes. Include your talking points in each slide’s speaker notes section.
  5. Credible sources are important: Use at least six references from credible sources to support your claims.

The purpose of the PowerPoint presentation should be to support your presentation and not as a script. To highlight key ideas and points in your PowerPoint, you can add context to the speaker notes.

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