Determine what practice experiences you plan to seek in order to address each competency.

Dnp-805, week 1, assignment personal success plan (isp).

1. Communication: Find opportunities that allow you to share complex medical information with both patients or healthcare professionals. These could be shadowing doctors in clinics, participating in inter-professional team meetings, as well as role-playing and patient simulations.

2. You should seek clinical reasoning experiences. These will involve the analysis of patient data, and then making clinical decisions that are evidence-based. You could work with mentors in order to watch rounds at the hospital and complete patient case studies.

3. Develop interpersonal skills: You should seek out experiences where you can interact with patients from diverse backgrounds. Also, make sure to build relationships with your supervisors and fellow healthcare professionals. You could volunteer at health fairs or community clinics to witness interactions between patients and doctors, as well as completing service learning in communities that are underserved.

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