Determine the issue or message you wish to discuss with your legislator(s).

Assignment – letters/emails to or interview with a legislator

This task will require me to choose Advocacy Option #2. I’ll then write three emails or letters to the legislators in my state. Before I can research any issue/message I wish to address in each letter, it is necessary to first do some research. American Nurses Association Federal Legislative Priorities 2019 is a good resource to help you determine which topics are most important for communicating with legislators.

When I choose my topic(s), and have identified the legislator(s), I will start to write my emails/letters. Writing letters and emails is important. It’s best to keep them to a minimum of one page. If possible, you should mention the bill numbers that relate to your discussion topic. Recall personal experiences if they are relevant. Thank legislators for their consideration.

You should also include references at the bottom of every letter/email. If possible, avoid using form letters/emails. This will help legislators notice your writing better. After completing all three sections, a one-page reflection about my advocacy experience through multiple letters/emails on various topics that impact healthcare providers and patients should be included. All documents can then be uploaded to D2L via the assignment link provided USU NUR Writing Assignment Rubric.

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