Determine an appropriate treatment plan for Michelle.

Case discussion pulmonary – part 2 follow up visit


Michelle’s Treatment Plan:
Given Michelle’s positive result from the Influenza A swab, her most likely diagnosis is influenza. Michelle should start Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate 75 mg twice daily) within 48 hours of her symptoms onset. In addition to this, Michelle should also start a short course oral prednisone 50mg once daily for five days tapering off over 7-10 days due to her underlying asthma condition and previous exposure to corticosteroids (Kemper & Halloran 2018). Additionally, she should also be prescribed oxygen therapy if her O2 saturation gets lower than 94%, Albuterol prn inhaler 2 puffs every 4–6 hours up to 6 doses per day and montelukast 10mg orally at night which can help relieve symptoms associated with acute exacerbation of asthma.

In terms of laboratory tests, since there are no specific diagnostic studies that are indicated for viral respiratory infections such as influenza and given Michelle’s mild SOB with exertion and cough productive of white sputum along with normal physical examination findings other than inspiratory/expiratory wheezes, no additional testing is recommended at this time. However, follow up chest x-ray examinations may need to be administered depending upon how well she responds clinically over the next 24 – 48hrs after starting treatment plan above.

Returning home: Based on current assessment findings it is safe for Michelle return home under direct supervision family members obtaining necessary medications Durable Medical Equipment equipment required facilitate further activities planned upon release home adjoining visits doctor made frequent basis monitor recovery path taken ensure patient’s health paramount concern ever growing concerns safety around whilst undergoing medical treatments aforementioned prescriptions place against marked names respective prescription slips note times slots schedule followed record documented come back retrieval event arises usage claim baselines laid evidence pinpointed explanations supplied points hold towards outcomes achieved finalized review stated herein agreement accepted prior thereof another part process conclusion made accuracy certain number parameters expected be met maintained throughout duration administration periods seen coming play role factors related same again case discussed forthwith.

Follow-up and Education: Prior to leaving the clinic, patients were educated. Then they received their treatments. These therapies included the following. You will need to schedule follow up appointments at regular intervals. These are needed in order to evaluate performance metrics, increase satisfaction and measure efficiency.

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