Design TWO questions within the appreciative inquiry framework that could be used for a self-evaluation of your nursing performance.

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Appreciative inquiry is a positive and strengths-based approach that focuses on identifying and building on an individual or organization’s existing assets and successes. It can be applied to professional assessment and collaboration to foster a culture that promotes continuous improvement, teamwork and innovation. The following are ways in which the principles and practices of appreciative inquiry may be applied to professional evaluations, collaboration and nursing.

Nursing Practice

  • Nursing professionals are empowered by focusing on achievement and success to help them identify their strengths and improve the care of patients.
  • Nurses can foster a culture that values appreciation and collaboration by adopting an inquiry-based approach. They will work together to find and capitalize on each other’s successes as well as learn from their failures.
  • An appreciation for inquiry is a way to encourage nurses to learn and improve.

Leadership/Management Positions:

  • Managers and leaders can make appreciation inquiry a powerful tool to instill and motivate their employees. They focus on the positive and build on previous successes.
  • Leaders and managers who adopt an appreciation approach to inquiry can help create a supportive and positive work environment where employees feel appreciated and empowered to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Appreciative inquiry promotes a culture that encourages innovation. It inspires leaders and managers alike to think differently and discover new ways to reach their goals.

Educational Settings

  • Teachers can use appreciation inquiry to motivate and inspire their students. This is done by keeping their eyes on the positive and focusing on their strengths.
  • Teachers can foster a learning atmosphere that values and empowers students by adopting an appreciation approach to inquiry.
  • The ability to appreciate inquiry is a way to encourage continuous learning and improvement. It also helps students seek new skills and knowledge to improve their academic performance.

The appreciative inquiry framework asks two questions that can be used to self-evaluate nursing performance.

  1. Which are the most significant achievements in nursing? How have they contributed to patient satisfaction?
  2. Can I draw on my previous successes and strengths to help me improve my nursing practice? What support does my team or manager need to reach these goals and how can I leverage my current strengths to increase my nurse practice?
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