Design a “comfort contract” whereby patients or their surrogates designate an expected level of postsurgical overall comfort, and also where they can specify chronic discomforts and interventions that they use at home for relief.

Studies show that patients respond better to expectations

This discussion will focus on the selected student learning outcome:

Consider the impact that theories and models of nursing have on research and practice.

The role of nursing theories and models is crucial in the direction of research and practice. The theories and models provide nurses with a structure that allows them to analyze and understand the complexity of patient care and healthcare. In the context of the discussion topic, the use of a “comfort contract” is an example of how nursing theories can be applied to practice.

You can design a comfort contract based on different nursing theories, such as self-care theory or comfort theory. Comfort theory stresses the fundamental importance of comfort in nursing care. Comfort can affect many factors, including spiritual, psychological, socio-economic, and physical. Self-care theories emphasize the patient’s role in their health and well-being. The self-care theory emphasizes the patient’s ability to recognize their own health needs and make informed decisions regarding their care. Patients can then take appropriate action to address them.

These theories can be incorporated into the comfort contract by allowing patients, or their surrogates, to determine their comfort needs and to choose which interventions they will use to achieve them. Patients are the experts and must be part of decision-making regarding their health care. This is called patient-centered care.

The influence of nursing theories and models on research and practice is significant. A comfort contract illustrates how theories of nursing can be used to provide patient-centered care. A comfort contract allows patients and their relatives to determine their individual comfort needs, as well as the intervention they will use to improve their overall health.

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