Describes recurring chest pain for the past 6 months that was relieved by rest; the pain is a feeling of heaviness in chest with no radiating pain to arm or jaw or accompanying nausea or dizziness.

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A patient complains of recurring chest discomfort that began six months ago. It is described as feeling heavy in the chest and not radiating to the arms or jaw. The patient does not appear to experience nausea or dizziness. Rest has helped to relieve the pain in the chest.

It can indicate many conditions, so further examination is required to confirm the diagnosis. For example, it could be due to cardiac issues such as angina or coronary artery disease; however ,it could also have non-cardiac causes like acid reflux, anxiety disorders , or even musculoskeletal problems . Additionally ,it will be important to consider any other associated symptoms & review relevant medical history in order to determine an accurate diagnosis.

In conclusion ,the patient’s recurrent chest pains should be carefully evaluated in order to reach a definitive diagnosis & guide appropriate treatment . Through conducting additional physical examinations & laboratory tests if necessary we can obtain more information which will help us make an informed decision regarding care

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