Describe  your understanding of the social work profession and its core values.  How have you incorporated social work values in your human service  experiences and interactions with others?

Statement of purpose for Master’s Degrees in Social Work

A profession called social work, it aims at empowering individuals and families by offering services that support well-being. Social work’s core values are integrity, competence, service, social justice and dignity of the individual.  Social workers strive to make the world a better place for clients by guiding their actions and decisions.

Through my efforts to advocate for people in crisis, I’ve incorporated these values into all aspects of my human service experience. As a human service professional, I strive to be compassionate and promote justice and equality. As this is key to helping clients find the solutions they seek, I also value building trusting relationships.

The essential uphold of core principles in social work order will ensure the best outcome. These practices can both help mentor those who are going through tough times. It is important to keep our promise that everyone will receive equal treatment.

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