Describe your three chosen skills and explain which activities, assignments, or courses helped you acquire them.

Week 1 Post Introduction | GEN 499 General Education Capstone | Ashford University

My ability to manage time effectively and prioritize tasks is one of my skills. The skill was developed over many years through various activities and assignments. High school taught me how to organize my work by creating study schedules, and giving specific time blocks for different tasks. My college courses focused on project management. They helped me break down large projects into smaller, manageable parts with specific deadlines. Internships in the summer taught me about different ways of team collaboration and task delegation, which made it easier to work with others.

Effective communication is another skill I’ve acquired. Over the years, I’ve honed my communication skills through many classes on public speaking as also workshops focused around interpersonal communications. In addition, I learned valuable lessons through debate club and persuasive writing. Internships also gave me the opportunity to learn how to communicate clearly and efficiently information.

Problem solving is the third and final skill I’ve acquired. I was able to recognize logic errors through a course in critical thinking. An internship allowed me to practice problem-solving skills that were applicable when dealing with difficult or complex situations. Independent research projects, which required data analysis in great detail, also helped me improve my analytical thinking. 

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