Describe your own style in relation to task and relationship orientations. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you improve?

Bus 119 Week 2 Discussion 2 Responses (Do not modify the bid).

I can sum up my style regarding task orientation and relationship orientation as being a mix of both. While I value good working relationships, my goal is to be able to work efficiently and have good communication with all of my coworkers. It allows me to stay focused on the end result by making sure all steps are taken in order to reach my goals efficiently. This also builds trust with those who work alongside me so they can be assured that I will get the job done.

My greatest strength is my ability to prioritize tasks according to urgency. This helps make sure that nothing gets lost when we are dealing with larger projects and allows us to keep moving forward. My communication abilities have been a benefit when explaining complex concepts to everyone so they are clear and understand each other.

Sometimes I get caught up in details, which could lead to delays if they are not properly managed. Sometimes I might lack creativity in coming up with solutions to certain problems due to lack of experience. This is why it may be necessary for me seek out assistance from other people.

To improve these weaknesses would focus more practice using creative problem solving techniques plus making sure remain organized set priorities accordingly so that productivity levels don’t suffer due focusing too much unnecessary things along way. To gain further insight in areas you may not be familiar with, I will also continue to expand my professional network.

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