Describe your future career goals and what steps you need to take reach those goals, including plans to pursue a degree in higher education.

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Future career goals are to be a nurse practitioner working in a hospital environment where I can use my varied skills to give the best possible care. To reach my goal there are several things I have to do. The first step is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Next, I need to become a Registered nurse (RN). Once I have my RN license I will continue on to higher education. I plan on enrolling in a Master of Science degree program that focuses specifically upon nursing leadership and management. This will allow me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for this speciality. It is also important to keep up-to-date on the latest healthcare developments and technology so I can meet any unexpected challenges. For networking purposes, it is crucial to build relationships with healthcare professionals inside and outside hospitals. This includes attending conferences and becoming a member of professional associations like ANA or AACN.

To be a successful nurse practitioner, you must take many steps to achieve your academic goals and continue learning opportunities that will help propel you along the chosen career path. I can be competitive if I work hard and with dedication to my career goals.

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