Describe your current nursing philosophy and reflect on how it supports your goals and aspirations.

Final goals – week 7 capstone

Current nursing philosophy revolves around holistic care and a patient-centered approach. It is crucial to consider the cultural backgrounds of patients and their physical, mental, as well as emotional, needs. It is crucial to tailor care to each individual patient’s needs.

In order to help patients have a comfortable conversation about their medical concerns and set goals. I also aim to establish trusting relationships so they are more open to seeking out healthcare advice. In addition to educating patients about different treatments, I believe that it is important for them to be empowered. In doing so, I want to create an environment where patients are informed about their health and can participate in making decisions regarding it.

Additionally, I believe in collaboration among healthcare providers when it is necessary. The collaboration ensures that every patient is provided with comprehensive health and wellness care by specialists.

The nursing philosophy I have adopted serves to guide me in my efforts to provide quality, compassionate care for every patient, no matter their gender, age or ethnicity. This philosophy helps me to maintain high ethical standards and promotes compassion for all people I meet in my work. It also aligns well with my career as a nurse practitioner.

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