Describe the use of apostrophes in writing in general. When should apostrophes be used in formal writing? When should apostrophes be avoided in formal writing?

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Apostrophes are punctuation marks which might be used to point possession or contraction. In formal writing, they need to be used to point possession (e.g., the professor’s desk) or contractions (e.g., don’t, can’t). Apostrophes even have a number of different makes use of in casual writing similar to indicating plurals of numbers and letters (e.g., two 8’s) or possessive pronouns that lack an antecedent (e.g., there’s).

Generally, apostrophes ought to at all times be used when indicating possession or contractions in formal writing because it helps make clear that means and permits for higher readability and understanding amongst readers. Nonetheless, they need to be prevented when making plurals of most phrases which don’t finish in “s”; as an alternative, merely add “-s” with out an apostrophe on the finish of the phrase (e.g., cats not cat’s). Moreover ,apostrophes ought to by no means be used to point a plural kind except it’s for numbers & letters . For instance ,it will be incorrect to put in writing apple’s when referring to a number of apples ;as an alternative one would write apples . Finally, by correctly utilizing apostrophes one can guarantee their writing is obvious & concise whereas avoiding potential confusion amongst readers .

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