Describe the population’s health concerns and issues, explain current pharmacological treatments, and explain how culture and traditional practices may affect use of pharmacology.

These health issues and concerns are frequently managed by pharmaceutical treatments. Diabetes medications, such as oral hypoglycemic and insulin, can be used. Statins and blood thinners can also be used. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are both used for cancer treatment. For managing mental conditions such as anxiety and depression, antidepressants are prescribed. Antiviral medication is used for infectious diseases.

Pharmacology is influenced greatly by the culture and tradition. Traditional healing and traditional medicines may be more important than pharmacological treatment in some cultures. In other cases, Western medicine may not be trusted as much and pharmacology may become a common practice. Certain medications can be stigmatized and viewed as dangerous in certain cultures. However, others may view them as essential for their treatment. A patient’s willingness to take pharmacological treatments or adhere to their medication schedules may be affected by cultural beliefs. It’s important for healthcare providers to understand and respect these cultural beliefs and practices when working with patients to manage their health concerns and issues.

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