Describe the popular health care beliefs of these three culture and if there is any similarity in their beliefs.

Health care beliefs of these three culture…

Traditional health beliefs from Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Chinese culture all emphasize holistic treatments. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) emphasizes the interconnectedness among mind, body, spirit. It uses a mixture of acupuncture and herbal remedies as well as massage therapy to help achieve harmony in an individual.

To promote wellness, Japanese traditional medicine heavily depends on naturopathy. Preventative care is the main focus. This includes practicing yoga, meditation and eating healthy foods. Other forms of alternative therapies such as reiki or homeopathy may also be employed depending on the individual’s needs.

Ayurveda, which was founded in India, is a system that provides treatments using natural elements. It believes it can treat the root causes of illnesses and not just symptoms. A few spiritual practices can also be used to heal on the physical plane. The three major cultures all share a holistic view of treating patients. It is therefore important that you incorporate the following practices to ensure optimal results.

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